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Renting furniture may be more cost-effective for some than purchasing it, with monthly payments generally less than buying and convenient options such as students or employees on short-term work assignments.

Companies offering furniture rental provide an impressive variety of styles – from modern to classic traditional – and can often deliver next day!


Furniture rental services provide an ideal solution for people in temporary need of home furnishings, as well as those moving frequently between apartments. There are various outlets offering rental furniture, each providing different options; choosing one with flexible lease terms and affordable pricing may be wisest.

Renting furniture can be a more efficient and economical way of furnishing your home than purchasing pieces outright. Online, real-time inventory updates provide easy selection. Delivery services make the whole experience efficient; and there are options for renting by item or room (some companies even provide premade packages).

Cort, for instance, charges a modest delivery fee and their staff will deliver and assemble your furniture before collecting it at the end of your rental period. Some companies even offer flexible rental periods as short as one month.


Rental furniture can be an ideal way for students or workers on extended stay contracts to avoid paying more than necessary or being locked into long-term commitments. Furthermore, the furniture can easily be returned at lease end without incurring additional hassles.

Rental companies also provide packages of essential furnishings needed to complete a room, at more affordable rates than purchasing individual pieces of furniture individually. Some even provide free delivery and assembly as an added perk; they even often feature flexible lease terms to meet changing needs.

Renting furniture also reduces waste. Once customers are finished with a piece, they can either return it or sell it on marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace for extra cash – saving time and effort while lessening environmental impact due to discarding unnecessary items. Furthermore, many rentals allow customers to upgrade their pieces regularly with the latest trends.

Return policy

Furniture rental has become an increasingly popular option for young professionals and digital nomads, costing less up front and offering more sustainable options than buying new pieces. Most furniture rental companies provide easy-to-use websites, offering a selection of styles. Some also feature showrooms nearby offering delivery directly to your home.

Depending on the company you select, their return policies can differ considerably. Some may charge an administrative cancellation fee should your mind change during purchasing while other retailers, like Aaron’s allow you to return items within seven days without incurring penalties.

Renting furniture has the added advantage of being delivered and assembled quickly in your NYC apartment, making it the ideal solution for those moving quickly into a new place. Many companies also provide flexible lease terms as well as home staging experts on staff who can help select pieces suitable for your new space.

Damage policy

Damage policies should always be a top consideration when renting furniture, to help avoid expensive repair bills and protect your investment. Some companies provide standard damage policies which cover minor wear-and-tear from regular usage while others may charge fees to cover more extensive damages such as pet-related or accidental breaks.

Costing significantly less than replacing an item, damage waiver fees may offer significant savings compared to replacement expenses. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that they do not cover theft, vandalism or mysterious disappearances as well as natural disasters or outdoor weather conditions that damage may incur.

ALIGNED can assist your furniture rental service in finding the ideal coverage, and we would be more than happy to provide additional advice. Get in touch with us now for more details!

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