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How to Achieve a Victorian Style Bathroom

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To achieve the Victorian style, you should add some accessories to the bathroom. You can add an antique-looking toilet seat or a mercury-glass sink. Choose a vanity with plush velvet seats to add a luxurious touch. You should choose a saturated color to complement the materials. Choosing a bathroom with a dark tone will give it a more antique feel. The sink should be topped with a porcelain basin and pedestal, as well as the toilet.

The design should be harmonious with the main functional units, such as the sink and the toilet. The materials used for the fixtures should be neutral or tonal. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new hardware, you can find reproductions of Victorian-style fittings at home improvement stores or antique dealers. You can also use the traditional fixtures and fittings in the bathroom. But the best way to achieve the Victorian style is to use vintage materials for your hardware.

The bathroom should be spacious enough to accommodate a large bath. Ideally, the bath should be freestanding. The design should be complemented with a classic, freestanding basin. Alternatively, a freestanding shower is a good option. The bathroom should have a modern sink and toilet. The sink and toilet should be close to the wall so that they are not obstructing the rest of the room. The Victorian style bathroom should be a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and taste.

Adding a floral mural is another way to bring the Victorian style into your bathroom. You can go for an over-sized mural or keep it neutral and tonal. Adding a decorative floral mural to your bathroom will give it a cohesive look while still retaining the whimsical look of the style. It will also add to the beauty of the space. And it will be a great way to add some whimsy to your bathroom.

While you can find original pieces of Victorian hardware, you can also purchase reproduction pieces from your local home improvement store or antique store. The key to a Victorian style bathroom is to separate the two main functional units. You should not mix and match different materials. You should have the same theme in all areas of your home, so that you can easily update your bathroom if the period style has changed. If you can afford the extra cost, consider a few key features of a bathroom in the Victorian period.

The Victorian style bathroom is a timeless classic that celebrates femininity. A Victorian bath has a free-standing bath with a deep, slipper-free design. A Victorian vanity features open pipework and an antique artwork. Incorporate curtains in the bathroom to add interest and a vintage look. You can also try a tripartite wall. A tri-toned wall will be more visually appealing. The best way to achieve a perfect vintage look is to use a white and black bathtub and a pale blue floor.

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