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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Cabinet Design for Your Bathroom Renovation

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Cabinets are an indispensable feature in any bathroom, providing both storage and style. Get to know different types and styles so you can find one to fit the theme of your washroom.

Most cabinets are constructed from hardwoods, plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). Since these items are placed in areas with high levels of humidity, it’s necessary to paint them using moisture-resistant paints.

1. Drawers

If space for a vanity is at a premium, drawers offer an effective alternative. By keeping toiletries, cosmetics, and more out of sight while making it simple to find what you need when searching, drawers provide an efficient storage solution.

An organized bathroom cabinet makes getting ready for each day simpler, while helping you unwind at night more comfortably. Add additional storage space using simple hacks.

Keep your drawers organized with plastic dividers that allow for quick sorting and labeling of similar products, party dip trays as makeup sorters and magnetic strips on doors for grooming tools and miscellaneous accessories. Or consider sliding drawer organizers into cabinets – especially useful in shallow cabinet spaces – which will free up vertical space.

2. Mirrors

Installing a mirror cabinet in your bathroom is an ideal way to reduce clutter on your counter and deflect light away from your vanity area, helping brighten up and make the room feel larger.

Mirrored cabinets can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles to complement the decor of any bathroom. An oval-shaped mirror can accentuate long curved lines present throughout your design – from your showerhead and appliances to picture frames.

Mirrored cabinets often come equipped with two, three, or four doors depending on your storage needs. Furthermore, adjustable shelves enable you to tailor their interior storage space accordingly and often come equipped with anti-fogging features that keep the mirror clear from streaks or foggyness.

3. Space-saving

Materials you select for your bathroom cabinets have a major effect on its aesthetic. Consider using cabinets made of close-grained plywood or sturdy materials like birch, cherry or teak; laminate and particleboard may warp under moisture splashes and steam; these options should also be avoided as they lack moisture resistance and could warp under exposure to steam and rainwater.

Kitchen cabinets tend to be deeper and thicker than bathroom ones, which makes them less susceptible to sagging under the weight of sinks or other heavy objects.

Increase the space in your bathroom with smart storage solutions. A wire basket mounted to the wall can store everything from lightweight towels and bar soap bars, cotton balls, and cotton balls; or you could tuck a shelf behind your door to store grooming tools and supplies.

4. Durability

Bathrooms can be damp environments that can damage materials not designed for it. When shopping for cabinets in this environment, look for moisture-resistant options, such as PVC or engineered wood with protective finishes to minimize potential damage.

Moisture-resistant plywood (MR Plywood) offers another excellent option for bathroom cabinetry. This form of wood features plies with rotated grain orientation to help prevent warping and shrinkage, and an adhesive that is waterproof.

Lastly, when painting bathroom cabinets it’s wise to do a test patch in an inconspicuous area first before covering an entire room with color. This will help select an appropriate primer and ensure that your new color looks fantastic while staying intact over time. Lily Ann offers quality RTA bathroom cabinets at competitive prices;

5. Design

An effective bathroom cabinet design complements the overall style of your renovation. For instance, choosing colors for tall cabinets that blend in seamlessly can help make your ideas seem cohesive.

Natural wood-finished cabinets may fit seamlessly into farmhouse bathroom design, while dark stained ones add warmth and elegance in contemporary bathrooms. Beauty comes from grain, finish and relationships between functional components (drawers/doors/knobs/handles etc) rather than ornamental carving or paneling.

Opting for plywood cabinets fabricated with water-resistant veneers instead of cheaper ready-made PVC ones may provide more durable and long-term storage solutions that resist mold and mildew accumulation. Furthermore, consider waterproof paint as another means of protection.

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