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Trends in Commercial Bathrooms

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Touchless faucets have become a popular option in Commercial Bathrooms, and their recent improvements have greatly reduced water consumption. Instead of running after a hand is removed, the new models turn off almost instantly. This can save gallons of water, and can help business owners save money on water bills. Another trend in Commercial Bathrooms is the replacement of paper hand dryers with paperless ones. These innovations save reams of paper and the commercial building owner money.

When designing a commercial restroom, it is important to consider local building codes. Failure to do so may result in a building permit being denied, and can cause legal problems down the road. Occupational safety and health administration guidelines recommend that bathrooms be sized according to the number of employees. In addition, it is important to ensure that the bathroom is easily accessible for patrons.

Another factor that should be considered when planning a bathroom design is the budget. Though it may be tempting to select cheaper materials, these may not last. It is also important to take into consideration the ongoing costs associated with the installation of new fixtures. Using durable, high-quality materials may result in lower operational costs in the long run.

Another consideration is the type of material for the floor and walls. Marble, for example, has natural antibacterial properties and is a great choice for bathrooms. It is also less porous than granite and is therefore suitable for high-traffic areas. However, it must be kept in mind that stone flooring needs to be treated every now and then, as heavy objects can chip the surface.

As commercial bathrooms continue to evolve, they must provide a welcoming environment for all types of patrons. The days of gender-specific bathrooms are coming to an end, and universal bathrooms are replacing them. Manufacturers such as Kohler are taking a proactive stance towards female concerns and needs. These companies understand that women often feel ignored when it comes to product solutions.

If you are building a new bathroom for your business, make sure to carefully consider the design. Your washroom can have a big impact on your reputation. It is imperative that you choose the right material, fixtures, and care for your new bathroom. A professional design company can help you determine the best materials for your business.

The use of water-efficient toilets in commercial bathrooms is a smart idea. They save water by preventing the need to flush toilets. As a result, commercial washrooms can save up to 45,000 gallons of water every year. They are also good for the environment and your pocketbook.

The design of your commercial bathroom will depend on how many people will use it. For example, a large sports complex will require a larger bathroom than a family doctor’s office. In contrast, a small office may only need a few stalls. You will also need to decide how many sinks and hand drying fixtures you need.

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