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Bedroom Design Basics

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Basic interiors for your small space simple bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

No matter if it’s for yourself or as part of a guest room design plan, great design principles must always be remembered when planning any bedroom space.

Symmetry is always pleasing to the eye, and here, two wooden nightstands with matching lamps create a timeless aesthetic.

Mixing solids with patterns and textures is another great way to achieve visual balance, making even simple bedding more interesting with the addition of boldly patterned quilts and pillows.


Lighting can have a dramatic impact on how well you sleep and transform any space into an inviting sanctuary that’s conducive for rest and relaxation.

Dimmers are essential in the bedroom because they allow you to control lighting levels and set the ideal atmosphere. Try lighting with warm color temperatures (around 2,700-3,000 Kelvin), which will help you relax more and fall asleep more easily.

For instance, recessed spotlights are an excellent choice if your bedroom features vaulted ceilings. They provide an even light source that’s ideal for illuminating artwork or furniture in the room, or wall sconces provide narrow beam illumination that doesn’t take up valuable table space.


Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and should set the scene for how the rest of the space should function. Choosing a suitable mattress and frame that works with both your space and personal preferences is key; whether that means choosing an ornate four-poster frame with ornate posts or an upholstered headboard and footboard is a personal decision based on personal taste and available resources such as wood, metal, fabric upholstery or even raised mattress platforms that come equipped with built-in drawers – creating the ideal sleeping environment can improve quality and duration as well as promote better health and well being!


An organized bedroom can play an essential role in creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. From seasonal clothing storage solutions to additional linens such as duvet covers + blankets, there are countless storage solutions to consider when creating an orderly atmosphere in your bedroom.

If space is at a premium, consider opting for a storage base bed, divan, or ottoman as space-saving storage ideas. Additional space-saving solutions could include repurposed lockers, wooden cubbies and stacking wall shelves one on top of another.

Providing space permits, custom in-built joinery can make a dramatic impact in terms of maximising storage and creating an aesthetic look. This can include everything from wardrobe closets and overhead cabinets to desks and even recessed shelving – built-in bedroom storage is particularly effective in tight areas where everything must be designed and manufactured simultaneously for an uninterrupted finish.

Window Treatments

Window treatments should provide two key functions in order to create a relaxing bedroom environment: privacy and light control. To maintain privacy, bedroom window treatment ideas that block passersby’s views into your home while simultaneously blocking harsh sunlight can help ensure a good night’s rest.

Curtains are an attractive and practical solution for bedroom window treatments, offering both function and fashion in equal measures. Their ample fabric can add drama and dramatize a space, with pleats or ruffled looks showing maximalism. In addition, curtains block light efficiently while also insulating well.

As an elegant alternative to curtains, consider modern honeycomb shades like the Duette Architella that feature double-sided fabric and air pockets with insulation properties that help prevent heat loss due to sun or heating and cooling system drafts. For added style and privacy control, pair cellular shades with draperies for an layered look for maximum light control and privacy.

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