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The Best Plumbing Pipes For Your Home

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Before undertaking any DIY plumbing projects, be sure to research which pipes would best suit your home. There are seven primary types of pipes commonly found in houses today.

Copper pipes have long been the go-to choice for water supply lines due to their corrosion-resistance and long lifespan.


When hiring a plumber to renovate your kitchen or bathroom today, he or she may recommend plastic “PEX” pipes instead of copper for water supply lines – and may claim this is safer and healthier for you than copper. But what exactly is PEX made out of, and does it really provide for superior plumbing pipes?

Polyvinyl chloride, more commonly referred to as PVC pipe material, is one of the most popular choices used for home plumbing projects. PVC is easy and cost-effective to install while being resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes; plus it doesn’t leach any harmful substances into drinking water! Plus it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes suitable for any project!

Copper pipes have long been an industry standard. Durable and with an estimated lifespan of 50+ years, copper piping protects water quality by not allowing bacteria growth within them – although copper costs more than other pipe materials and its extraction and manufacturing process is intensive, thus incurring environmental costs.

CPVC, like PVC, is an economically priced plastic pipe suitable for drain, waste and vent systems. Similar to its PVC counterpart, CPVC is safe for drinking water use without leaching chemicals into it; however it doesn’t offer as much resistance against temperature extremes and warps over time; unfortunately not accepted by all building codes.

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to rigid PVC pipe. PEX’s flexible nature enables it to be used both hot and cold water supply lines; unlike rigid PVC it is less prone to burst bursting and can bend without damage occurring; additionally it’s more durable with regards to extreme temperatures tolerance than rigid PVC.

Brass is an affordable yet long-term pipe material suitable for home plumbing projects. With its long history of use and great resistance to corrosion, brass pipes are typically installed for water supply lines, hydrants and fixtures in homes, businesses and government buildings alike. Plus, brass can even be recycled!

Black iron pipe has long been an indispensable choice of plumbing piping, used both for drainage and potable water lines. Highly flexible and mouldable into various shapes for easier installation in tight spaces, black iron is also fire-resistant making it suitable for sprinkler systems and sewer pumping stations.

PVC pipes are durable and versatile, yet lightweight enough to make transportation simple on construction sites, helping reduce labor costs while speeding up installation time. Furthermore, PVC is easy to cut and weld so they can be tailored specifically to each project; plus they’re bioform resistant so won’t contaminate water they transport with bacteria growth inside of them!

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