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The latest developments in kitchen cupboard colours and styles of 2024.

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Homeowners have been moving away from stark white for kitchen cabinet colors, instead opting for warmer, more comfortable options like Sherwin Williams Snowbound and Alabaster. Either one of these beautiful choices will add warmth and coziness to the most functional room in your house.

Earthly green shades continue to capture homeowner’s attention. From deep tones such as Raintree or Sage to lighter options like Daydream or Wandering Vine, earthly greens create a natural atmosphere that connects any home with nature itself.

Textured Surfaces

Rather than glossy, white kitchen cabinets which dominated trends in 2016; homeowners are choosing cabinet colors that have rich natural textures – especially wood stains or paint finishes on kitchen cabinets that bring out the wood grain or other natural colors found in materials such as leather.

These textured finishes can go well with a variety of countertop materials, backsplash designs or cabinet hardware styles. A skilled designer can help coordinate color, style and texture into an appealing overall design that will remain beautiful over time.

Gray is still a timeless neutral choice for kitchen cabinetry because it offers sophisticated yet versatile looks that work in both classic and contemporary settings. In 2024 designers will experiment with darker tones such as dramatic Peppercorn or calming Blue Nova which adds depth and visual interest while complementing lighter elements like light marble countertops or soft gray backsplashes beautifully.

Red & Orange Undertones

In 2024’s cabinet colour trends you don’t have to settle for white kitchens – vibrant greens through to deep blues can be used now to create the perfect cooking area! Choose a timeless aesthetic by opting bright green through deep blue hues for your preferred colour.

Soft shades of green such as sage are perfect for creating an organic feel within your kitchen. Add wood accents for warmth or try using neutral colours like grey/taupe if you want something more modern.

For an eye-catching look, consider opting for darker cabinet colours such as emerald green and cranberry reds. These vibrant hues can instantly lift any space; however, they may work better in larger rooms as they tend to darken smaller spaces more.


White cabinets have been a classic neutral choice for many years now but homeowners are increasingly drawn towards warmer tones that offer natural beauty with a cosier, inviting feel. Sherwin Williams Snowbound or Alabaster do this job perfectly; their gentle shades pair well with light marble countertops or cool-hued backsplashes to create a snug and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen.

Earthy blue tones have always been popular among designers and homeowners alike. Colours like Raintree Green or moss-like sage create an organic feel to your kitchen which is both refreshing and calming at the same time.

For something bolder, choose vibrant reds such as Signal Red or Tomato Red for your walls. They provide warmth & energy throughout the day & night; moreover these shades go well with natural wood grain finishes.

Earthy Neutrals

Greige and taupe tones provide earthy neutrals without going all-white on the kitchen – they are becoming more popular among people who want something softer yet still earthy. Their subtle warmth complements daring colour choices such as onyx countertops or dark wood floors whilst also grounding brighter tones which might otherwise be too lively by themselves.

Wandering vine is a deep forest green hue from Valspar, while Beguile is a blue-green-gray shade – both earthy tones that bring to mind natural landscapes and infuse drama and comfort into any room they touch.

They don’t just blend in with natural colors easily, either; they’re particularly effective when paired against light granite countertops or brass hardware. Working alongside an experienced kitchen and bath designer will ensure cabinet colors are chosen which reflect you best -creating timeless designs throughout your home!


White remains one of the most popular kitchen cabinet color trends for 2024. Sherwin Williams Snowbound or Valspar Delighted Moon add a touch of modernity that goes perfectly with quartz countertops and other contemporary aspects.

Dark stained natural wood has made a comeback in kitchen décor trends, with Benjamin Moore’s Marine Blue, Vermont Slate, and Blue Nova color options offering an update on classic looks. Warm undertones create inviting spaces wherever they’re used.

Go for broke by adding metallic accents to your cabinetry – golds, silvers, coppers – bringing opulence that gleams luxury throughout your kitchen area.

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